Youth Radio/Youth Media International is a Peabody Award-winning youth-driven converged media production company that delivers the best youth news and culture and undiscovered talent to a cross section of audiences. is a participatory news space where young reporters publish original content, including writing, audio, photo, and video directly to the website from anywhere in the world. Youth Radio/Youth Media International stories run regularly on NPR, PRI, American Public Media,, BBC, iTunes, The Huffington Post, CurrentTV, and other digital and broadcast outlets worldwide.

This is just like YouTube, except developed for schools.   Extensive involvement by academic community consortium groups.  Extensive index of links and resources.

A division of Sound Portraits,  Youth Portraits seeks to give voice to young people who have been in prison; to give them the tools to tell their own stories, to teach then an important set of skills, and to empower them to speak up about the experiences that have made them who they are.  Teachers can use the Youth Portraits stories to help other young people explore their sense of self.  A 60-page study guide provides a prescriptive curriculum with lesson objectives and end-of-chapter tests and invites students to relate to the narrators and learn from their stories.

Study Guide

There is also a Recording and Interviewing Tutorial on this website.

Sound Portraits Productions is an independent production company dedicated to telling stories that bring neglected American voices to a national audience.   The website also offers ideas for incorporating radio/recording with education and learning.

A study guide for the related documentary teaches children and young adults about real-life circumstances.

Activities developed by students in a seminar on attentive listening and soundscape studies offered by the College of Education at the University of Oregon.

Lesson Plans

Content-rich site with downloadable teaching aides, content and insight on use of media for self-expression, bridging differences and working toward peace.

Teen Reporter Handbook

Although ceasing active operation in August 2007, The World Radio Forum website continues to be a valuable resource for an overview of the activities of international, community, and internet radio producers and broadcasters who make radio for, with, and by children and youth. WRF members work in broadcasting, education, entertainment, development, and social change and hold these two beliefs: (1) children and teens must be enabled to actively participate in radio production (2) radio broadcasters and producers are duty bearers for children’s rights.

NPR-based program encouraging creation of personal audio diaries with content, curricula and comprehensive links.

Scripts from the Golden Age of Radio.

A practical guide for public speaking developed by MIT for incoming freshman.

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