Youth media is not simply about creating material targeted to youth; rather, it focuses on promoting young people’s intellectual, creative and professional growth through training and participation. Through hands-on practice and working relationships with mentors, participants learn the basics of broadcasting. In the process, they’re exposed to a spectrum of basic “life skills” such as verbal expression, writing, computer technology, critical thinking, and conflict resolution. Participants emerge with a new confidence and hope for creating a positive professional future with concrete skills and contacts to get them there. They also bring youth perspectives to the broad public, shedding light on the concerns and interests of young people.

Learning from others is a vital part of the youth media process. This website catalogs programs, tools and research geared to (1) encouraging youth expression using media technologies and (2) impact of media and technology on youth.

This site is maintained by SLB Radio Productions, Inc., Pittsburgh, PA. Since 1978, SLB has produced radio programming for a multi-generational audience from its Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania studios. An important part of our work also has been developing tools and techniques to encourage youth expression. This work has included hundreds of workshops, afterschool programs and live call-in features that have yielded personal narratives, audio montages, documentaries, radio dramas, oral histories and other high-quality programs.

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